Tutoring with Code Fellows

Looking for additional help as you learn to code or perform cyber operations? Code Fellows offers professional, 1:1 tutoring services for anyone wanting to learn technology-related skills, from basic technical concepts to advanced topics in a specific programming language or cyber ops.


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AWS, database operations, automated testing, Android development, algorithms, JavaScript, ASP.NET, Java, Python, SASS, Data Structures, SQL, React, virtualization, data handling, specialized software, hardware, computer networking, cloud infrastructure, and much more!


About Code Fellows

Code Fellows is an in-person coding school, training students in professional software development skills. Our stacked module curriculum is designed to help students learn to code and get industry-relevant software development experience in just 20 weeks. Unlike other Seattle programming schools, students can specialize in one of four industry-relevant coding languages: Full-Stack JavaScript, Python, Java, or ASP.NET. Sign up for one of our one-day coding classes near you!